Looking back at my old notes, I realised the intensity of spiritual feminism in my veins. A poem I framed 5 years ago. In the search of some questions I had this notion… That who makes so much of commotion? The one who is behind a tree? Or the one who condemned me to be […]

Kamadeva to Cupid

  Love,love and love have always been in the air irrespective of the seasons,time and situations. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love and float into the river of emotions? Who wouldn’t want to feel the essence of mutual understanding? All time presence of a soul mate? Who wouldn’t want to discover a mysterious world […]


      I grew up in a place where Hindu mythological stories acted like my bed time stories. Hindu mythology has really played a role in my existence. I never considered all those spiritual stories as realistic one ‘cause they exists without a truth but their existence is  with a blind trust. A trust […]

Tantra or Paganism?

2 years back while travelling in the metro, I was looking at one of my favorite artist’s work- VITRUVIAN MAN (by Leonardo da Vinci) and amusingly i tried to co-relate it with hindu tantra and paganism and I ended up in writing this! 😀 Pentacle– Pentacle- a pagan symbol which constitutes 5 elements (air, water, […]


Recently, I was having an intense conversation on me being a theist and my friend being an agnostic. We talked and talked. There were times when we made irrelevant arguments. Arguments were made from both the sides, ‘Cause I don’t say that I was completely right… after all, I’m a small human being who is […]