I smiled at their glorious glory, They shined and sparkled in a flary, Aromatic and celestial is their presence And the immortal molecules controlled their aroma in abstinence Each subtle ounce had its meaning, Without their ubiety world is inconsequential, I compared their essence with my humane emotions Dark&light, festive &gay, They change with every […]


Slowly and steadily I grew up Moderately and bitterly I laid foundations of my future past, Reluctantly I accepted almight’s cast At different cuts of my life My existent soul for survival strived, With every drumroll of joys and sorrows Old moments and memories were like a bow and arrow As I stand by with […]


Recently, I was having an intense conversation on me being a theist and my friend being an agnostic. We talked and talked. There were times when we made irrelevant arguments. Arguments were made from both the sides, ‘Cause I don’t say that I was completely right… after all, I’m a small human being who is […]