Lie – 1

  Since our childhood we have been taught and told zillion times about the uniqueness in our character, in our whole existence. The USP which everyone of us is different in physical form, appearance, mind, thoughts. The difference exists in between the twin babies but I have failed to understand the nature of hypocrisy in […]

Hallucination or a belief?

The stone idol which was welcomed 16 years ago is now the only constant in my highs and lows. The stone idol which was worshipped, now stands with me in each small moments which I address as life. The stone idol, I once blamed for the negatives is now the only ear I have at […]

Roots of my feminism

I grew up in a very rigid religious family. Getting up early in the morning on the tune of conch shell which is blown for hailing the gods and goddess and also for spreading the positivity in the environment as it creates a smooth vibration in the ambience. Though, our family culture has been that […]


Looking back at my old notes, I realised the intensity of spiritual feminism in my veins. A poem I framed 5 years ago. In the search of some questions I had this notion… That who makes so much of commotion? The one who is behind a tree? Or the one who condemned me to be […]

Sexus & Adroitness

The temples of khajuraho were built around 950 and 1050Ce by the chandela dynasty, depicting the various sex positions as described in Kamasutra ( the treatise on pleasure). Due to in numerous invasions, a lot of beautifully engraved idols were mutilated by different foreign dynasties! With the passage of time, the art of this temple […]


Recently, I was having an intense conversation on me being a theist and my friend being an agnostic. We talked and talked. There were times when we made irrelevant arguments. Arguments were made from both the sides, ‘Cause I don’t say that I was completely right… after all, I’m a small human being who is […]