Looking back at my old notes, I realised the intensity of spiritual feminism in my veins. A poem I framed 5 years ago. In the search of some questions I had this notion… That who makes so much of commotion? The one who is behind a tree? Or the one who condemned me to be […]

Sexus & Adroitness

The temples of khajuraho were built around 950 and 1050Ce by the chandela dynasty, depicting the various sex positions as described in Kamasutra ( the treatise on pleasure). Due to in numerous invasions, a lot of beautifully engraved idols were mutilated by different foreign dynasties! With the passage of time, the art of this temple […]


Recently, I was having an intense conversation on me being a theist and my friend being an agnostic. We talked and talked. There were times when we made irrelevant arguments. Arguments were made from both the sides, ‘Cause I don’t say that I was completely right… after all, I’m a small human being who is […]