While passing by my conscious,     I realised My soul is haunted by my sub conscious,  Digging deeper and deeper ,  My existence seemed Pretty creeper, As if I am a self reaper! I wondered who’d be my sin keeper,  I decided to move on into the uncertainty,  With each step of survival I […]


Slowly and steadily I grew up Moderately and bitterly I laid foundations of my future past, Reluctantly I accepted almight’s cast At different cuts of my life My existent soul for survival strived, With every drumroll of joys and sorrows Old moments and memories were like a bow and arrow As I stand by with […]


  Looking at myself on the mirror, I saw a falsified elegance, When I tried to touch my face, In hope of some enhance, But I didn’t catch any past- trance, When I looked deeper & deeper, I saw a grin-reaper, And all my pride and prejudices appeared cheaper.   I moved forward to dive […]