Kamadeva to Cupid

  Love,love and love have always been in the air irrespective of the seasons,time and situations. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love and float into the river of emotions? Who wouldn’t want to feel the essence of mutual understanding? All time presence of a soul mate? Who wouldn’t want to discover a mysterious world […]

A proud pagan

Human are regarded as one of the selfish social animal on planet earth.  The existence of human beings is described as ‘people living in a world of dependency. Surviving in a long trail of give and take relationship’. Last night, I had a very amusing thought about my race. [Ps- a huge rainy Hello to […]


      I grew up in a place where Hindu mythological stories acted like my bed time stories. Hindu mythology has really played a role in my existence. I never considered all those spiritual stories as realistic one ‘cause they exists without a truth but their existence is  with a blind trust. A trust […]


            Last night, I was drenched in my inner thoughts. Thoughts that helped me to shook the differences in my conscience. I’ve been taught BHAGVAT GITA and the Karmic philosophy since childhood. And since then my activities are a bit affected (PUN INTENDED :D). According to the pedantic definition of […]

Sexus & Adroitness

The temples of khajuraho were built around 950 and 1050Ce by the chandela dynasty, depicting the various sex positions as described in Kamasutra ( the treatise on pleasure). Due to in numerous invasions, a lot of beautifully engraved idols were mutilated by different foreign dynasties! With the passage of time, the art of this temple […]

          The contemporary movements

                Few days back, I read a quote ‘Religion is for those who fear hell and spirituality is for those who have been to hell once’. I completely agreed with the quote because I am not a religious person, though born in an orthodox high class Brahmin family. […]