More than words

I studied Italian language and literature for 3years. Learning a language is a gradual process.  Learning a language means indulging into culture and traditions. We learnt Italian through expressions and books, ofcourse.  At first it was very difficult for us to comprehend what our professors wanted to say but with the passage of time we […]


            NUDITY- A STATE OF BEING UNCLOTHED.   The concept of nudity in art is very well appreciated in the world of art, virtuosity, inventiveness but the concept of nudity is not very much acknowledged in a ‘genuine’ world. After a series of incidents and conversations with my folks, friends […]

          The contemporary movements

                Few days back, I read a quote ‘Religion is for those who fear hell and spirituality is for those who have been to hell once’. I completely agreed with the quote because I am not a religious person, though born in an orthodox high class Brahmin family. […]

Tantra or Paganism?

2 years back while travelling in the metro, I was looking at one of my favorite artist’s work- VITRUVIAN MAN (by Leonardo da Vinci) and amusingly i tried to co-relate it with hindu tantra and paganism and I ended up in writing this! 😀 Pentacle– Pentacle- a pagan symbol which constitutes 5 elements (air, water, […]