A feverish thought-2

2 years back I came into this corporate world. A world where humans are machines with an emotional touch in their existence. I never thought of corporate as a selfish, mean crazy ex girlfriend -( Pun intended 😉 ) but now I can fairly summarise the notion about this world as; as long as corporate […]


2 years back in the year 2016, I came with perplexed thoughts and a hope to survive beautifully to a place where I never imagined to be as coming out of my parental nest was a big decision which never thought of taking in my unconscious state.  The day I decided to leave my birth […]

Weekend thought

Literacy should not be about how much a person knows to read and write. It should be about changing the mindset of the people. I have seen literate people talking non-sense and performing the heinous crimes with a fancy degree in their career. I wonder if their thoughts would have been refined from the beginning […]

Nationalism: Mass Hysteria

They may have taught us about nationalism as a good and bright topic but as far as I believe after seeing the recent political turmoil, nationalism in real sense could be defined ; Sudden urge in emotions or a stage of mass hysteria Nationalism is just a word that has been coined since centuries only […]

Lie – 1

  Since our childhood we have been taught and told zillion times about the uniqueness in our character, in our whole existence. The USP which everyone of us is different in physical form, appearance, mind, thoughts. The difference exists in between the twin babies but I have failed to understand the nature of hypocrisy in […]