The departure

A drowning hesitation since the day I left you, The lost spaces which were meant to be filled have broadened , since the day I abandoned you, My emotions seems to be less since the day I moved on. The silence in our chaotic telepathic mind has already separated our souls, I wish your rebellious […]


I can breathe the given air But I believe it won’t be fair, If I want to move away I can walk on the given path But I cannot face the false aftermath I can think and blink upon But I believe my time has already gone…

Hallucination or a belief?

The stone idol which was welcomed 16 years ago is now the only constant in my highs and lows. The stone idol which was worshipped, now stands with me in each small moments which I address as life. The stone idol, I once blamed for the negatives is now the only ear I have at […]

The confusion

What I observe in the moment is completely different from my perception. The truth was never there nor were the lies, the bifurcation into dualities were there in my very own thoughts. My thoughts are not influenced by anyone, I’m the one who created them and I should be held liable for becoming/ being the […]

Roots of my feminism

I grew up in a very rigid religious family. Getting up early in the morning on the tune of conch shell which is blown for hailing the gods and goddess and also for spreading the positivity in the environment as it creates a smooth vibration in the ambience. Though, our family culture has been that […]