The confusion

What I observe in the moment is completely different from my perception. The truth was never there nor were the lies, the bifurcation into dualities were there in my very own thoughts. My thoughts are not influenced by anyone, I’m the one who created them and I should be held liable for becoming/ being the judge of something which isn’t concrete. But I wonder if there is no division in the thoughts then how we will have directions in our lives? The confusion of the be of not to be is very frowning but the beauty lies in the tenses state of human existence.

When we frown, lines are created in our forehead as if the cyclone of drowned lines will succumb in it, the shrieked muscles near the eyes makes the humans more appealing because it’s the state of confusion, questioning which rarely comes in a day but whenever it occurs, it gives us a new lesson even though we won’t take the right direction to the query.


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