Roots of my feminism

I grew up in a very rigid religious family.

Getting up early in the morning on the tune of conch shell which is blown for hailing the gods and goddess and also for spreading the positivity in the environment as it creates a smooth vibration in the ambience. Though, our family culture has been that of orthodoxy but the perception of my family members are very open minded, more of feminist perception.

It’s not because of my parents being highly educated but I believe is because of what they pray. My family is a die hard followers of the feminine energy of the nature(mahakali) , for Christians we are the pagan worshippers who believe in energies of nature.

Since, childhood I used to listen to the mantras recited by my grandpa or by father but I never understood a word of it or essence of the mantras yet I used to practice them daily perhaps out of an obligation or fear of going against the conventional philosophy.

But now when am at the age where I make decisions of my own I could see what I missed those years. Why I never tried to understand the worthiness, the richness in the texts of the mantras.

Yesterday, while cleaning the bookshelf I took out the book the one my grandfather used to adore, the one which is always at the top most shelf of our library, “Durga-sapshati” ( a book praising Durga in 700 verses). It’s completely written in Sanskrit. One who can understand the language and it’s essence will enjoy the book. Though there is a hindi translation too but the more it gets translated the more the joy of the main context is lost. Translation is like Chinese whisper, the more it gets circulated, the essence or main topic is lost.

I tried very hard understanding the text of those verses and most of it was gibberish to me because of my less knowledge in Sanskrit but what struck my mind was the essence of feminism that is there in the book. Where god and all the powerful entities are praising the goddess Durga to stand and fight the demons off and save the all the worlds ( including nether world) from heinous crimes against the living entities. The wording on these versus might appear as a work of fiction, possibly yes or no depending upon the interests of the readers but what I learnt and comprehended from it and from my family over the years is that we have an element of shiva/ Durga in our consciousness. If we praise / motivate ourself everyday we all can awaken the feminine energy in our body and feel the essence of our nature and unison of elements. The sense of female being the complete one, the one who is fierce everyday and who is capable of conquering anything easily. Now I understood how I became feminist, not because of what I studied in my schooling or graduation but since the childhood I was given the importance of feminism. The environment I was given. Now, I feel really greatful for the values I have received. I believe if we take a moment I’m cherishing the past especially during our upbringing sessions then Iam pretty sure people will contemplate on the sweet time they have spent with their family.


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