Dear Unknown,

If you are reading this then I hope you’ll understand the intensity of your fellow human. This human isn’t pessimist or shady. It’s just they have found a way to develop a perspective out of something concrete.

I’m inside a four walled room . Hr was my decision to be inside a bricked room. I wonder why people have aversion towards the walls of their homes and they find beauty outside the concrete platform. There is a beauty in these cemented bricks that we tend to ignore. All these non living objects in my room are alive when I pay attention to these these materialistic items. All these unread novels that are resting in dust beside my bed have a story and unsung voices printed in a paperback.

My beloved photo-frame is broken but still the photo of it speaks to me everyday the cherished moment that I lived for a time with the subject of the photo. A beautiful cup holding different shades of pen resembling the colourful thoughts of our human race. The beautiful wooden table that is supporting the objects of my day to day survival reminds me to stand everyday for myself. The table clock that is always running in its nano seconds is awaiting for me to get up and realise the time of my life and suddenly the alarm went on and I came back from reverie.

Ah! It was one such dream!


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