Empty spaces

You came to me and touched me with your feelings. The essence of your existence drenched me in my own liquid. As we see each other, we strip down our own fabrics from our body. As soon as you reach for me, I pull you away but you think of this as my intention of teasing you but I’m again going to drench away in my perplexed thoughts.

With every touch of you, I try to fill empty spaces, with every kiss of your lips I try to escape from reality. The more you come near to my heart, I brush away your energy from my mine because I still cannot feel the entrance of your aura. The emptiness which has been kept unfilled cannot be filled by you .

You may celebrate and embrace the togetherness of our elemental bodies but you cannot reach the top of my secretive vacant boxes of my existence. Piece by piece in my skin I turn red, i shiver but I will not give up the untouched spaces of mine. I’m lost in my own universal body. It’s so vast and dimensional that it’d require an another birth for me to discover. I hope you’ll find another direction to recover….


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