Poetic dilemma 

Why life seems to be difficult? Each and every day I get up and ask myself the all time cliche question from myself about life and my existence. 

Each day I try to find the answers about my lame question and everyday I end up in a chaos. A chaos of thoughts, mixed feelings, perplexed emotions and a judgemental dilemma. The sense of all my senses mingle upon each other and let myself drown in my own. Every day am on the brink of losing my head. Everyday am on the verge of exploding. Despite of a successful existence, I ignore the fact of living the present. I don’t tend to dream for future or dive in my past but it’s just the questions that pops up about life in my present. 
The love of life was never there, 

As I ask myself about it

But am always wondering in my thoughts here & there,

I dive and drown 

Each day my face gets frowned

Everyday my life laughs at me 

As I seem like clown… 
The pretense in my existence 

Because ups and downs are her assistance 

I end up in my existential crisis 
But everyday I tend to forget 

The liveliness which is onset, 

With the beauty of nature, 

And the meaning of me as a nomenclature 

Is already sufficient enough 

To live and spark the fire without giving it a puff!! 


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