Photo– which means something which is driven by light. 
The connotation of the Greek originated word has different meaning when it comes to linguistics but generally it’s a remembrance on a paper driven by light and urge to capture time or in other words freezing the time. The invention of camera was way back in ages , somewhere around 1800s but it is still a beloved materialist thing for all the social animals. 

Time flew and so does the modification in this machine took place but with the modification it left behind the essence of old photography. 

If we look back at the old photos of 1900s and then compare it with the modern day technology then there would be a very big difference. 

Surely, that of the technology but also the difference between emotional essence of the photo. I believe , photos that were taken at the black n white era were had more closure of feelings than that of the photos taken from a DSLR or from a fancy hi-tech phone. 

The essence of reel, black n white mode together has frozen the objects in the photos. One can sense and feel the ambient of a 1900s photo but if we have a look at some random today’s photo then it won’t bring out our excitement to have a connection with the frozen time frame.

May be technology has given us high mega pixels but it has failed to provide the high essence in our frozen time frame. 
Or may be , I’m my soul is too old fashioned? 😀


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