Being Philoso-Man.

Human-  the word that could be interpreted as *hue(s) of a man* which signifies as colors of a man.
Which is true in every sense! We have the capabilities of achieving any impossible thing in this world. We, the mortal beings are the living gods and goddesses on this heavenly delight.
As the world is approaching in the fastest techno race but we tend to forget that our ancient world was far far better than our self-claimed modern world- the pyramids is the best example.

As I see the alluring statues like Il davido e La Pieta da Michelangelo  etc and the terra- cotta figurines from Harappan civilization beautifully crafted giving us the divine existence in their own as the masterpieces from the different  eras could possibly be the work of 3-D printing?
May be, the  renaissance man of  21st century is learning how to carve statues manually?

I know, Many of you might get an uprising of thoughts of the *emergence of Guttenberg press* but possibly the scholars didn’t want to such techno so viral for the commoners?

There are so many facets of this heavenly earth. One could either find the sources of all the facets and start questioning the existence or we can go with the flow and pat our backs for discovering something untold and old.


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