How to do self worship

1. Get good marks in school.

2. Get admission in a fancy course of a fancy university.

3. study hard.

4. Crack interviews.

5. Get yourself in a corporate world.

Congratulations human! You will automatically become a selfish. 

Brief:- we all talk humanity and peace at school and college level but we tend to forget that we actually practice the ‘art of being selfishness’ in major course of life, ie, when you start working.

Every chapter in textbooks would teach us how not be a selfish existent soul but we remove it from our learning memories when we start working.

Corporate, the word that defines the spirit of all the selfish beings. How to grow your seeds with an aim to rot your another existent soul.

Even if you try to look back at your self indulgence, you wouldn’t be able to be pensive and caring of our doings ’cause of the adorned moneta, money they pay you to keep your souls to self worship their existence impeded to produce a huge amount of energy for this known corpus body to run its engine of stinginess.

No offence to all the brothers and sisters of the corporate world.


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