Chai to Vodka

It all started with a constrained feeling of hi-hello and then later turned into the feeling of infinity. 
Existence was flooded with emotions. Emotions that were definable by alphabets but were untouched in all these eras. 
A journey starts with occurrence in the ambience, with some realistic thoughts and perceptions and also over tea. Talks over tea or chai is like an ancient tradition all over the world. 

Meetings, be it professional or casual won’t end up or I’d rather say won’t sum up without a Sip of the chai. Essence of tea leaves hitting the edge of our human membrane and making us forget time and place is still unbeatable. 

The liquid molecules of chai helps to form the rigid glow of *their* face. It provoked me to touch the every single atom of their face. Every word that came out of their mouth had hit my ear drums and echoed all over my thoughts. 

With every arch formed by their face in a form of smile resembled the serenity of something void. 

But then there was a barrier in between the auras of the bodies. 

A barrier that wasn’t allowing the auras to make contact to form a radiant crimson. 
But fortunately, the flame of emotions sparkled via the fire of vodka. 

With every sip of that fire-water accelerated our excitatory transmitter of our brain and broke off the bonds of our diffidence. 

The flame of the fire water worked ’cause It got spread all over the human existence. And the union of auras was successful after the talks over chai to the fusion of endurance, to our human existence. 


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