Culture =/= Nation 

The concept of culture is ancient in nature. Seeds of culture were sown way back at the times of Adam & eve or I’d say at the time of manu & shradha. When king manu wrote Books of principles – manusmriti. 

Culture is a feeling of masses. Culture is an entity which gives a common identity to a human existence. It is something which is given by birth but later it becomes a choice by the passage of time. 

Falling in love with a culture is pretty unusual for a person who is born in a rigid ambient. It’s pretty amusing to know that there are almost 8313 cultures in the world and it is possible for us to fall for all of ’em or just few of ’em. But falling for a culture might not come handy. 

After the rise of nation states. Nationalism aroused which gave people ‘one -nation identity ‘ and leaving behind their cultural birth 

It’s funny that falling for a cultural for your rival nation will make you unpatriotic and belonging to someone else’s nation via citizenship can get you ostracised from your culture. 

In the end it can be assumed theoretically that culture and nation are the wheels of human society. Culture(s) are more in number as compared to world nations but the feeling of nationalism is > culture but both of ’em cannot and will never really help in establishing human peace and world unity. 


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