Literature has omnipresence and common in all the languages of the world. Literature is a key to express human thoughts. Literature is the academic nuclear bomb. It’s a spark for revolution, a waxed candle that enlightens the human existence. 

From ancient era to modern world, in numerous works have been registered in pages and minds. Some became history, some were the muse to the human minds and some works acted as a saviour for people from different centuries. 
Being a literature student, err.., was a literature student* . I came across a lot of writers from Ved-vyas to Aristotle – Dante Alighieri- Chaucer to Rousseau to Kant to Marx . 

All of ’em wrote in different era but something for the society. 

VED-Vyas – the famous author of Ramayana laid moral values through his point of views. 

Aristotle who expressed about society and its people through his philosophy. 

Dante tried to establish his views via religious and spiritual message. 

Chaucer ‘s view into the human nature was so successful that his thoughts made him the father of English literature. 
But now when I look at the pages I can only see words. The essence of literature can’t be felt. That common bond between the different writers of ages is not been shared between the contemporary authors. That spark which literature had now extinguished in the different fold(s) of Time. 

Pages are filled , books are published but the ink of those words are unsuccessful in leaving the indelible mark in human minds. 


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