More than words

I studied Italian language and literature for 3years. Learning a language is a gradual process. 

Learning a language means indulging into culture and traditions. We learnt Italian through expressions and books, ofcourse. 

At first it was very difficult for us to comprehend what our professors wanted to say but with the passage of time we started grasping the tone, words and expressions. 

After moving out of the university and settling into corporate and that too in a completely new city of the southern part of India made me realise the essence of gestures and expressions. The place I dwell in is purely South Indian in existence. Changing from north India to south was difficult. Just because of the language barrier and food. Somehow, I recently overcame the barrier for food and language. 

I live among the traditional South Indians. Nothing is common between us. But we managed to live peacefully. We managed to live according to each other. At first, I avoided eating food at the premises because of the change in the cuisine but the warmth and emotions of the cook and the owner of the flat changed my mind and perception and made me eat that differently cooked food. 

The other day, I was walking by the staircase suddenly the owner stopped me and started talking to me. He knew about my inability to understand Tamil language but he continued talking with his hand gestures and facial expressions. 

All he wanted from me was to mix up with the South Indian ambience and to start eating my meals. (Which I regularly skip.) he actually made me promise that I’d always come and eat my 3 times food. 

The warm hearted owner, chef’s food which is cooked with a lot of patience and emotions changed my stubbornness of not eating the meals from my home. 

Sometimes, we don’t need heavy words to express our ourselves. It is just the magic of expressions, gestures and emotions that says it all. 

Ps- the rangoli art was drawn by my cook. Every morning she draws with a piece of chalk. It’s our Indian traditional way to start a new day with a hope of joy, hope, love and prosperity with every sunrise. 


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