A proud pagan

Human are regarded as one of the selfish social animal on planet earth.  The existence of human beings is described as ‘people living in a world of dependency. Surviving in a long trail of give and take relationship’.

Last night, I had a very amusing thought about my race.
[Ps- a huge rainy Hello to the souls of other race :D]
The thought was not in any form defense of me being (human as my existence ) as selfish but it was more of discovering a beautiful side of  faith and trust of me and my fellow human relatives and acquaintances.
I belong to a bhramin Hindu family and since birth we are taught how to pay gratitude to the things which are beneficial to our existence.  Some call ’em gods and goddesses and some call ’em mere pretty things of nature.
Some categorize ’em as HINDUS and some PAGANS.
I’d prefer to call my self as a PAGAN(it’s prefer not to enroll in religious sect :D).
Being a pagan I realized how beautiful it is to live in a world where I not only receive a blissfull aura but also how I payback the gift of nature by generating the equal amount of love and emotions in a positive form  through a positive vibe with each and every thought my brain can access.
And the process of generating vibes is always simple.
‘By being grateful to the things we get from nature’.
Be it sun,  river,  rocky mountains , air,  water,  fire,  food bla bla.
My paganism worship everything.  We have a God or a goddess associated with every natural thing and we pay our gratitude in different forms like pujas,  yagas etc.
Living in this contemporary world pujas and yagyas sounds very complicated and religiously bounding but paying gratitude to the things we are grateful to doesn’t require any change of religion but a change in our thinking,  perceptions and a change for looking to the things that are out there in terms of resources.


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