Every man a born sinner or innocent?

Anatomy of human thoughts 

Open – cyclone of thoughts- sieving/categorizing of the thoughts- picking a single thought- reaction over the thought- acting over it.

Humans are one of the happiest specie, I’ve have seen or I’d say I consider humans as a happy beings who are capable enough to turn from right to wrong or wrong to right. We tend to be very open about accepting each and everything to the things we see , listen and feel according to our senses and accept all thoughts that passes by our mind.
Since, it’s a huge world where there are so many things which create thoughts or I’d say which have a capability to produce thoughts in our mind causing in a cyclone of thoughts and then it becomes very difficult to concentrate but DAH! Humans have caliber to sieve / categorize thoughts into good or bad.
The intensity of goodness and badness depends upon the moral values of a person and I believe that we all have values inside kept hidden inside our mind, body and soul.
Sieving of the thoughts is the most difficult task for a human brain ‘cause it solely depends upon the values we learn and earn in our 60-80years of lifespan. Humans can stick to a thought only if he/she isn’t confused between what’s wrong and right.
After a conceived thought we tend to give reactions over it and the reactions are evolved from heart ‘cause a human heart is a source of emotions.
In the end after every reaction there comes the last part i.e., and action.
Humans are the tangible product of nature and we can easily feel, sense and comprehend the rules and laws of nature in a human existence. Thoughts are generated according to the flow of nature and it’s the humans who interfere in the flow of nature. Moral values are created by human institutions. It’s the value that makes a thought bad or good not the NATURE.

Hence it’s proved through anatomical procedure of thoughts that ‘No man is a born sinner’.


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