Ups and down, hurt and blessed,
I was totally depressed
The only thing in my mind
“Why me?!”

Walk, walked and walking..
Only in search of the key..
Key that will act as a bliss…
And I would be able to kiss
To thee..

Do you remember the past glory?
Asked my conscious…
I said ” The only good thing left
Which is sort of precious…

as the time passes by,
My boat turns up and down…
Roaring of situations,
People and their behaviour
Was like the fluctuation..

In the quest of love…
I found you,
Struggling to discover yourself..
Asking for the help..
I saw you scratching your scalp…

It was the time of unification,
When Something was created out of that fortification,
Aah! A jolt again which threw me to the another side
Now as I stand here, at the shore..
And still I have at the core,
That you’ll be waiting for me…
Beyond the shore…


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