January 11, 2016

In the holy hours of darkness, I woke up in bewilderment and removed the blanket from my body and stepped out of my comfortable mattress. I walked past the dimly light that enlightens my boredom during the peak hours of silence and the inner cries of my thoughts.
I walked from room to room; tensed and frowned I looked for some mental and physical peace. I went to outside in the balcony of my house. The cold wind passed by and waved her Hello to me through her chilling essence, Flowers that stood quiet during their lonely period of night paid their regards through the sweet fragrance,  little winged insects sang me the music of isolation and all the white noises appeared like an opera to me, the sheet of the darkness on the nature was shining with it’s dusky grace, dark sky beholding the stars was busy in making history of its future past and heedlessly I realized the calmness in the nerviness of my existence. I realized that all these years I was being naïve. I’ve been looking for the reasons of my uncertainty towards every path and always blamed me for being so limited in my singularity.

And then came the inspiration from the alphabets I’ve been taught in my budding years.  Alphabets are few but together they form words and sentences in a language which are innumerous and are limitless. I realized I’m limitless from other way and around, my thoughts are limitless, pain for being clueless is limitless, my love is limitless, my devotion to the divinity is limitless, words for writing are limitless, my desire(s) are limitless then why being a human I can’t gather my tormented and scattered pieces of my efforts and do something which will be limitless?
All we need is artistic essence with little bit of spirituality which will boost the pinch of passion and stabilize our existence, perhaps in our singularity in the worldly Reverie?


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