January 10, 2016.

Time- 4:30am.

It all started with an amusing thought in my pretty little mind. It was early in the morning and I was restless because of the amusement this thought has caused in my mind and since then I decided to write it on my blog. Being an Italian literature student, I’ve had an opportunity to encounter into the world of classics in the classical language itself! Since childhood, I’ve had read a lot of books. From fairytales to the divine comedy of Dante Alighieri, from Holy gita to holy bible, from Ramayana to the gibran’s prophet. I’ve noticed the different types of authors like Dante, Tulsidas, Cervantes, Victor hugo and their styles of writing the classics. And suddenly, I pictured myself as a writer of different centuries and this is how I sounded in my head –


ME as DANTE ALIGHIERI- Who wouldn’t get influenced from the father of Italian literature? When I pictured myself as Dante, I saw me as one of his favorite character BEATRICE (HIS LADY LOVE) from his writings. I was not really able to assume myself like him ‘cause I cannot write for a woman who’ll guide and protect me from all the odds and take me to the path of enlightenment – god’s grace.

Ok, enough right? I can’t be like Dante. He already wrote classics of his time and I’ll sound like a complete copy cat if I try to copy him, no? 😛

ME as TULSIDAS- Hello dear god! I’m suffering here! Help me! guide me towards your feet and elevate me from all this worldly affair. I’m done with money-relations-studies.

Oh wait! I sound so selfish. No, I’m not saying Tulsidas  was mean but I can’t be like him ‘cause I don’t have that “Devotional” touch and the feeling of gratitude in my writings towards the almighty. J

ME as CERVANTES-  ‘our greatest foes and whom we must chiefly combat are within’. I imagined myself as a Spanish donna with a talent of Cervantes. All dressed up in Farthingale , bell shaped hoop skirt, sitting in a big yard and writing on a paper, expressing my thoughts.

wait? No, seriously. I sound boring and wannabe ofcourse!

ME as VICTOR HUGO- ‘One day man will step on the surface of the moon’.
woah! That was just clairvoyance isn’t ? To be honest, I don’t belong to such genre.

ME as ME- sitting on a single bed mattress, wearing a khadi attire, messy straight hair, messed up study table beside, an old laptop with dust particles imprinted on it’s screen, a big binded copy with a pen and its chewed blue cap, a phone with an annoying led light indicator, a room full with the fragrance of incense stick (I come from a high class religious family and incense stick is the prime thing available in our house 😀 ), half of my brain chanting a religious syllable (I don’t subscribe to any religion but I have no idea why I like the pronunciation of OM) the other part is helping my hands to type all of this and my soul in search of some artistic essence in my existence in this worldly affair.
I’ve no idea of how I sound while writing ME AS ME but it gives an immense pleasure to describe my real side without sounding like a wannabe. I don’t know what my writing will be but what I feel is that I have just began to learn the respiration for the process of survival of the fittest!


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