January 2016, I’m in my last semester of my under graduation. I religiously studied for my every examination. Since my childhood I’ve had different dreams in my small 20years old life but all in all I knew I need to achieve something big but every time I have had a very big question in my mind WHAT?

Putting DR. as a tittle in front of my name was my all time teenager dream but after series of several questions to myself. I realized that assuming this tittle won’t bring the ‘satisfaction in disguise’ out of my existence! And then I decided to move on further and broader my horizon. Recently in one of my class, my professor asked one basic and simple question from us ‘What do you guys want to become after your graduation’?

It was 3:00 pm, room number 104.

Student X- I want to become a teacher just like you.

There were a lot of sycophants who were busy in their sycophancy. And then the question was on me.


Professor- You! What’re your dreams signora Awasthi?
Me- I dream of something which you people would find very mere and perhaps, funny.

Professor- Ah! So let’s have a good laugh then?

-whole class burst into laughter- (That’s sycophancy of the students. Laughing on lame PJ of teachers. 😛 )

Me- Well, here it is then; I dream of my days to start with optimism and end with a hope to live for another day, I dream of an aura, ambience which will emit the liveliness , thrill and zest in this 70years old life. I dream of those day when my fluid thoughts forming crystal clear sentences with fully decorated on a piece on a pulp of wood. I dream of a room full of history of my future past. I dream of my face without any frown. I dream of a love which will elevate me and will take me beyond my human constraints. I dream of a house amidst sky, water, air, burning fire of love and compatible souls.


Professor- Nice try. But what exactly you aspire to become?

Me- Nothing. Just a writer.

And the tick of the clock made a sound and the ring rang which was a signal of Time out.

This conversation with my professor left a very deep impression in my mind and somehow is helping me to determine my goal every day and with every intake of O2!


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