It was just like a normal day,I was travelling from university to home listening to the one of my classical playlist. A song of philosophies, a song that changed my perspective.

I know I might sound boring and full of cliché to the teenagers out there but being a 20years old youngster the artistic essence in my life and hence I decided to share it with the world, who perhaps, might agree to what a great Indian philosopher Kabirdas said in one of his beautiful poem.

  • When you are born, the whole world laughs and you cry.
    Do something that will change this scenario to – you’ll laugh and the world will cry due to jealousy.
  • The eight petal lotus are like wheels and the 5 elements are it’s yarns. (Eight petals are the latent tendencies of a human body and the 5 elements are- Air, water, earth, sky and fire.
  • It takes 9 months for a human body to come into lively existence in this world and stupid people just spoil it.
  • And when the little one comes home, people then prepares him/her for the outset journey for the real world. Folks hand over their little fruit to the one(teacher) who dyes him/ her with knowledge and skills in such a way that he/she spends their life in awareness.
  • We shouldn’t waste out time in suspecting every situation instead we should live our life with zest. Stupid people aren’t aware about this fact and are wasting their lives in a path of pessimism.


Kabirdas describes the existence of human life in this hedonist world. Whenever I see someone be it my parents, professors, friends and foes, I see the exact 5 stated stages through the words of philosophy in their worldly existence. I wish to walk on the path of enlightenment and None of the religion can walk me past the hurdles only the Artistic essence with a mixture of spirituality can lead me to the end of the new beginning.


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