Last night, I was drenched in my inner thoughts. Thoughts that helped me to shook the differences in my conscience. I’ve been taught BHAGVAT GITA and the Karmic philosophy since childhood.
And since then my activities are a bit affected (PUN INTENDED :D).

According to the pedantic definition of karmic philosophy ‘sum of person’s actions in one of his/her successive state of existence, viewed as deciding his/her fate for the next’.

Our fate is destined and we are the makers or I’d rather say masters of our life. Everything depends upon the ‘cause and effect’ principle of nature. Hinduism establishes the fact of reincarnation or the past life in the Vedic books but scientists are still trying to prove the facts and I believe it will take infinite years for the establishment of this fact but meanwhile I was successful enough to co-relate one of the sayings of god to Adam and eve from the holy bible –

‘They and their progeny will be stained with sin forever’. Although the holy bible didn’t focus on karmic essence but this simple sentence says it all.

A child who is not even born, how could he be sinful? Perhaps, the logic could be the theory of reincarnation? The cycle of cause and effect? The karma/karmic philosophy?

Well, I’m not a religious pundit but I do have civic and spiritual essence in my existence and I believe in one “HOLY DIVINITY” !


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