The concept of nudity in art is very well appreciated in the world of art, virtuosity, inventiveness but the concept of nudity is not very much acknowledged in a ‘genuine’ world. After a series of incidents and conversations with my folks, friends and foes I realized the intensity of unawareness amongst the bourgeois.

An art couldn’t be valued and assessed without gaining the core and crust element of art. Nudity is the basic element of human existence, it’s the AXIOM of human permanence and an art is just an analogous determinant through the language of contours and colors. Art is incomplete without the essence of aesthetics and aesthetics is like worshipping the natural beauty = NUDITY.

India is a country which is the motherland of thousands of culture(s), tradition(s), religion(s), tribe(s), language(s) and ofcourse different type of Asian art.  I come from the land of kamasutra, I’m proud of my country’s valuable contribution towards field of arts and aesthetics and a mature understanding towards the philosophy of nudity. India is a land of kamasutra and kamasutra is about sexus and adroitness and now we are afraid to exhibit art of aesthetic value.

A lot of works were under criticism ‘cause of the element of nudity in the art of work(s) of M.F HUSSAIN.

And now, we’re living in a 21st century where we are “LIBERAL” in every field of the contemporary existence but backward in reality.

It’s very important to be ‘educated’ to understand a masterpiece. It’s not really necessary to be educated in the field of art and history but educated enough to differentiate between cheapness and reality.

I mind a lot when handful people from art world try to exhibit their art work with some elements of nudity. No, not because of my orthodox or religious mind set or fear of my parents, family or society… but but because of the illiteracy and an orthodox and a paradoxical set back of the society. The aesthetic value in art wouldn’t be achieved until and unless we don’t achieve the literacy power in every untouched corner otherwise we’ll continue to disrespect emotions, language and conscience of an art and his/her artist.



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