Sexus & Adroitness

The temples of khajuraho were built around 950 and 1050Ce by the chandela dynasty, depicting the various sex positions as described in Kamasutra ( the treatise on pleasure).
Due to in numerous invasions, a lot of beautifully engraved idols were mutilated by different foreign dynasties!
With the passage of time, the art of this temple was ridiculed and is still joked till the present day century, may be ’cause of the erotic display of idols?
But the truth behind the eroticism has been concealed due to unripeness of human mind.
These idols explain the concept of ‘sex and spirituality’ which is visible from the engraved sex positions.
Sex and spirituality are contemporary words or I’d rather say both are interdependent on their lexicon sense.
sex was more of spiritual terminology and sexual energy was used to channelize into the path of spirituality. Sex is a key to grow your self in a spiritual field unlike it is misunderstood has a key for mere pleasures. That’s what tantra is about.. The idols are the true depiction of tantra sexual practice.
The beauty of these temple is not in the different sex positions but how sculptors and architects worked so hard to explain the yogic- tantric sexual practices in an art form to the laymen but unfortunately it’s been a subject of mockery of Indian art. aviary_2015_05_25_20_50_34


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