As I walked on the edge of the road,

Road that divided my existence into 2 entities,
With thousands of thoughts wandering inside my brain
In hope of getting a direction for some actions,
With every breath of oxygen they multiplied with their own kind.
When I closed my eyes, the inner voice sang a threnody,
And my thoughts danced with every heart beat
The elegant blackness took me to some other level,
And I dived into the pool of uncertainty.
There I saw a beautiful nebula from the vision of my heart
That had some dazzling glow and colors that I won’t be able to see from my earthly entity.
And then I encountered few people with same vision
Oh thank lord, I found spiritual fraternity!

I hailed the supreme lord in joy
But wait! I still haven’t found him!
Now, I walked again on the edge of my imagined world
To encounter the supreme one,
I gasped, there I saw myself all suited up in black
‘Cause I say my devilish side
Panicked and wondered I ran and ran
Into the rough surface of this unholy land
I cried and cried and hailed the lord
In hope of some relief
And jolted over my fake belief.

Desperately I walked to come back to my earthly entity
Then I saw a white light guiding my thoughts
I walked and walked to search the direction of the light
I constantly fought the blackness that chased me
Which grabbed my voice and tried to misled me
A sudden touch of much calmer thoughts
Took me to a state of utopia
I realized the Ray of light between my lungs
Which enlightened my mind, body and soul
‘Cause I found the supreme lord
Who is the sole key of my survival
Deep buried inside the web of my selfishness.


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