Colors on my canvas

I was born and brought up in a brahmin family of North India. I was raised in a room full of culture and traditions. Each festival (Hindu) had its spark of positivity in my life and home. ‘Dhoti- kurta  men of my house all dressed up in traditional attire… I used to listen to the echoing voice of my grandfather reciting mantras from durga saptshati, my father blowing the shankha (conch shell), there stood my brother at the corner all lost in his meditation, saw my mother in the kitchen cooking sometimes traditional kumauni food or south Indian cuisine’ this is how my home appeared during the 365 days of every year.

The sound of the conch shell made my home alive as if the engine of my home started working. The walls of my home appeared vibrating and emitting the positive vibes.
I have always loved my culture and traditions, no, not because of any pressure or because of conventional philosophy taught by my parents and grandfather since childhood  but because I have felt the emotions which were inconvertible.
The vibration that was created in the nucleus  of my existence has a very deep impact on my mind, body and soul, how automatically my breath was adjusted to every tick of the clock, the serenity in my thoughts and emotions and at the last the fragrance of the incense stick which added more to the appearance to the zenith like home.
When people asked me why I’m a rigorous and an orthodox follower of my religion, culture and tradition, at first I never had any exact answer to reply to their inquisitive insight because I didn’t really know how to express my feeling I’ve felt while practising my culture and traditions… and discovered faith and trust through traditions and culture.
There were times when people tried to influence me with modern day arguments but I always knew that how I have achieved the utter sense of gratification, the completion of all the elements of my body and the joy of feeling the intensely packed molecules of this framework (my body) helped me to proudly say ‘colors in life are ’cause of traditions and culture which are key to the survival of a human in an inhumane generation.


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