Life on a live canvas

As I closed my eyes
I took a deep breath in isolation
The sound of mechanical objects faded away
The voice of wind began its symphony
And leaves started to chit chat.
With every step of clouds, they left some messages in my thoughts
And abruptly I was caught!

Little birds came to me in a romantic mood
And sang me in an orchestra…
With every beat of their chirping I realized
It was the music of threnody
And then came the small group of hard-worker ants
Who walked the streets in the hope of reaching their destination
They hopped out of their solitary shell
But unfortunately their dreams fell apart

And suddenly I saw an enlightened lamp
Who stood rigidly with a glory.
And proudly it showed the glowy essence in my life
The supercilious lamp blasted and came crashing down with defusion of tungsten .

Little green grass waved to me from the ground
And smiled with every blow of the silent wind
They were green and wet which made ’em laughed on my dried face
But suddenly the green grass got detached from the ground
And other beings laughed on its pale and dusky color.

As I stood up to say my goodbye to the nature on the live canvas of my life
I dragged my feet to reach to an unidentified end
And the mechanical objects again started their cacophony.IMG_20150826_200143


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