A Fortiori



We all live in a different world, in a different dream and yes, in different circumstances but there is one bourgeois thing which is inside the every human existence and that is ?

It all started with a mere discussion in my class on the father of Italian language “DANTE ALIGHIERI” and it all moved to his famous literary work “La divina comedia” (the divine comedy). Many of the fellow classmates withdrew their presence from the discussion, some agreed with the speaker and some, (especially me), were thinking about the other perspective and tried to correlate it with the other philosophical manner rather than a religious spectrum.



 He wrote about the “oltretomba” which means Beyond the tomb. According the Big Daddy there are 3 phases- Hell, Purgatory and yes, the Heaven! (L’inferno, purgatorio e il paradise).


Hell- Is a place where all the sinister(S) reside. All those who did sins and have no regret about it are all registered in the hell.

Purgatory- is a place where souls suffer for their sins and then they are destined to heaven.

Paradise- is an abode of sanctified souls after death.







Well, according to my view point or I’d say what Dante meant was purgatory is our very own mother earth. Where we are all born and are destined to do our part and while performing are destined “karma/ work” we tend to do mistakes and some do it intentionally, and on the basis of our account we go beyond the earthly life to heaven or hell (if they exist!! . Many of us of read this and interpreted his work literary. A writer tries to write things in riddles and in a philosophized way, it’s the reader who interprets the work of a writer. Some readers tend to decode literally and some tries to correlate it with the ongoing situations.





Dante, No doubt wrote in the name of Holy trinity but after reading his canto(s) I really didn’t agree with many of the speakers talking in religious spectrum.   


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