Tantra or Paganism?

2 years back while travelling in the metro, I was looking at one of my favorite artist’s work- VITRUVIAN MAN (by Leonardo da Vinci) and amusingly i tried to co-relate it with hindu tantra and paganism and I ended up in writing this! 😀

PentaclePentacle- a pagan symbol which constitutes 5 elements (air, water, earth, fire) and the 5th element is “the spirit or the self-being or the ether“.


And now let’s co-relate it with the Vitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci.


There is a lot of mysteriousness in his art especially in the VITRUVIAN MAN, which is considered fundamentally different in two ways;

vit man

  • Vitruvian proportion of a man’s body inscribed in a square and then with feet and arms outspread inscribed in a circle provides an excellent early example of the way in which studies of proportion fuse artistic and scientific objectives.
  • It provides illustrations of a shifting ‘center of magnitude’ without corresponding

Change of ‘center of normal gravity’. This remains passing through the central line from the pit of the throat through umbilicus and pubis between the legs. It was an attempt to relate man to nature.

Well, the 3thrd fundamental explanation can be related to religious pun.

The drawing made, the Vitruvian man can be influenced from paganism or the Hindu Tantra. The shape made on the Vitruvian man totally matches with pagan symbol “pentacle”.



And now, if we see it more closely it forms;

vitruvian man


And now let’s co-relate; the two hand and the legs have different aspect. The two hands represent the 2 elements which are known as ‘air and water’, and the two legs represent the other two elements of the pentacle which are ‘earth and fire’ and the fifth element is his own body which is known as “spirit” or the ether.

If we co-relate it with the Hindu Tantra symbol which is the symbol of Shakti the feminine energy or aspect of creation which includes air, water, fire, earth and ether. Even during the process of ‘Arg sthapan and the kalash sthapan’ during the process of worshiping the symbol “pentacle” plays the pivotal role.


The Vitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci is one the mysterious drawing of the renaissance era. Many of the great scholars have decoded his work as the scientific piece of work but the other side of the coin gives the other explanation. The impact of paganism or the Hindu Tantra on the master piece can be very well seen, the image of pentacle on the Vitruvian man raises many debatable questions like ‘was there any impact of pagan symbolism on Vitruvian man’ or the whole renaissance art’? Well, there are several questions that can bring a very high tide on this field of arts and humanities.




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