Recently, I was having an intense conversation on me being a theist and my friend being an agnostic. We talked and talked. There were times when we made irrelevant arguments. Arguments were made from both the sides, ‘Cause I don’t say that I was completely right… after all, I’m a small human being who is not always perfect and correct at the same time!

My friend joked about idols of gods and goddesses (may be, just to irritate me).  According to him “All the idols of gods and goddesses are mere objects to spread superstitions and worshiping the stones is like banging your head on a wall made of bricks.”

Well, for him it could be correct, he may be correct on his behalf, he may be partially true for all those atheists and agnostics who tend to criticize all the natural “happening” things. I’m not a religious fanatic or a zealot or a harbinger of any religion.

I believe in myself and the essence of male and female force inside me (shiv-shakti). Before I go off the topic, I’ll resume my article with artistic essence in idols! 😀

Our mind is full off negativity that always ignores the beauty of the objects which are close to our eyes (as they say, “essential things are always invisible to eyes “ ~The little prince~). After looking at an idol for almost an hour or so, I decided to write an article on it. We Hindus are idol worshipper. We worship trust, faith and show devotion in the form of an idol.

We discover trust through worshiping of an idol. But I worship Art, I discover art through an idol, I worship the maker of idols, the one who clutches the faith of millions of worshipper at a spot(temple). We always forget to thank the giver and same thing we do to the maker, the sculptor of idols. The faith, the trust lies in the beauty of an idol.

People get attracted to the idol with the beauty engraved in and with a lot of patience, hard work and skills, then how could they forget the sculptor?

And in the end, I ended up by defending myself with this- “talking of worshiping and whatever I have understood in 20 years then I’d say “there is a faith in the way people worship these idols but there is an artistic essence in the stone which i worship, and hence i worship art!”


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