It was highly a pleasant weather outside the four walls of my room. It rained since the last night and the sound of tip taping of droplets were muse to my existence. The black clouds made me feel so complete with happiness and joy of me being in my favorite days of July and suddenly the hush-hush thoughts wandering inside my little mind got struck with an image that I saw with my closed eyes. I really don’t know if that was my dream in which I want to live in or perhaps, a normal thought that became my muse which percolated and changed the frame of my mind and mesmerized me. I was completely hypnotized.

A blue-blue sky which seemed like a celestial sphere. Sky was so clear that one could fell in love with the first glance of it, the calmness of Ganga made repulsion in the form of happiness inside my mind, and the purity of its holiness was so imprinted inside my thought process, the ghat(An area near river)was full of religious vibrations that constantly hit my aura and the resonance brought a tender smile on my face, I felt as if the ganga is playing the swan song into my ears, people worshiping the holy water and the sound of mantra, hymns pushed my boat with an ease and smoothness… I laid myself and watched the blue sky which appeared to be smiling at me and asking me to lighten myself with every second of time. Although, my boat was floating but I had a semblance that I was floating like an earthen pot which flows along with the water. As I watched myself distancing from the ghat (An area near river), I developed an urge of never coming back to the worldly existence.

I really don’t know if I’ll be able to see myself in this phase again but I really wish my stupor to be drawn and filled with colors and contours!


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