Swan song

Walking down the streets, I suddenly realized the growing up process of human existence. We all grow- Humans, animals, plants and even the nonliving things are determined with age factors. We grow mentally, physically and yes, of course financially and we tend to forget our past.


Now, as i stand here at the corner of my room,

I can see the flashing light of the moon,

As I seek the pleasure and suddenly realized the moon’s treasure

Like the hands of the clock wanders

My unstable thoughts came like thunder

I thought I was flowing with my thoughts

But suddenly I was caught by my consciousness

Then I realized I was in my sub-consciousness state

And I was being NAÏVE.

I wrote this back in ages and when I read it again I decided to pay my gratitude to my crucial age of existence and how I learnt the art of living in different ages.

At 6th months-  I took my first bite of food and learnt the artistic essence in food that how it keeps us alive! Anything that keeps us alive is ART, isn’t it? 😉

At 1- I learnt to walk and mesmerised an artistic flow in walking all the odds and goods in real life. Anything that makes us *moved* with a sense of proudness is art, no?

At 3- I started with alphabet, well, do I have to say anything about this age and the first association with art? 😀

At 13-15- Starting of menses was the sign of me stepping into the teenage, the tricky age of human existence. The age taught me the artistic flow of mood in a teenage and dealing with the crucial age is an art in its own.

At 16- The sweet 16, the age of finding flings, crushes and love for few. I didn’t really find any love but crushes made understand the artistic emotions, after all emotions are art and art is an emotion!

At 18-19- The adult franchise was a complete new feeling for me. The art of making choices is really difficult. It was the age where I found and lost love (okay, enough said). I grew and understood the differences between the types of emotions, the age which made me mature enough to co-relate things, to express my feelings, the artistic age which painted my past with ups and downs and my optimistic survival in the past years.

And now, the doors of teenage are about to close and I still hope to continue with artistic essence with my each intake of  breath and in each droplet of my blood!




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