‘And our mere thoughts and emotions always get imprinted themselves in any form’.

~Prachi Awasthi~

Thoughts, emotions or feelings are the basic elements of human existence. Every living being comprises of 5 elements which is the universal fact or perhaps a conundrum but apart from 5 basic elements we have thoughts, emotions and feelings which bring out the inner most crust of our existence. A man without these 3 ingredients of human existentiality doesn’t exist and a man without explicating out these 3 aspect(s) cannot prevail in this sublunary world. A human is a dust and these emotions and thoughts makes him a stardust if expressed correctly.

A human is the product of nature and natural things have their own way to come out and we cannot forcefully stop the blow and flow of natural things, so hence it can be naturally testified that our mere thoughts and emotions always get imprinted themselves in any form.

A writer expresses his thoughts through almighty pen, paper and words, a musician explicate his rhythm of survival through music, a mathematician expresses his ideas through words and figures, earth expresses its emotions through natural cycles.

sun brings out the joy of pride through its sunrays, moon dignifies its beautiful paleness at the darkest hours of night, Lunatic lovers express their  emotions through their luflic smiles, a baby brings out the pain through cries, Plants, crops takes the emotion of pride by bursting into new life in the form of fruits and flowers, water expresses it emotions through high and low tide, a painter define its emotions through colors, contours,chromatism and luminosity. Even the human body brings out the expression through hormonal imbalance!

We all have the resourcefulness of bringing out the stardust out ourselves through our emotions, thoughts and feelings. A happy artist will bring out the joy through the shades of blue, red and yellow with an appealing image, a depressed artist would put forward his mental dislocation and intensity of emotions through painful illustrations. In fact, the beauty of a nature is expressed though the colors of an aura.

Starry night by Vincent van Gogh – Similarly, one such fine example of mental dislocation and intensity of emotions is expressed in starry night. The finest work in the art field and most likeable painting by many youth because they can correlate with their psychic displacement with the magnitude of ecstasy of Van gogh’s work.

IMG_20150616_122649download (1)

While working in the kitchen, (while washing dishes, to be more precise) I brought out my bemused web of notions in frying pan while scrubbing it with a dish wash bar and correlated with Vincent van Gogh’s starry night and founded my own STARRY FRYING PAN. 😀

(In the end, I found Artisticessence in little things when they were in motion)


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