“Disruption and the tranquility are two sides of the colorless liquid- water”

~Prachi Awasthi~

The symbolism of water in our lives is an universal undertone of never ending life cycle, shades of emotions- yellow, green or blue, coolness, necessity, weakness (because it can change its color according to the mixture stirred in it), strength (because it can possibly destroy anything- tsunamis, cyclones etc), versatility( liquid, solid and into vapor state),serenity, peace, motion, transformation, blessing, renewal, intuition, sub-consciousness ,temperance, reed, alder and a willow according to traditions and beliefs. Water and human both are synonym to each other.

Art is created through the essence of water and water is the creation of art, without water no color can exist and an art work isn’t complete with the essence of water in the field of art and hence no water = no art!

Beauty of water lies in the mind of the beholder. Some find water as the symbol of destruction and they’re afraid to go near it and some find water as the symbol of serenity, coolness.

There are innumerous paintings which depicts the scenic beauty of beaches, shores, oceans but Claude Monet’s Etretat the porte d’avral and The esterel mountain are one of the best seascape I could ever see! They’re the perfect and splendid product of impressionism which depicts the “essence of life and essence of light” in a canvas.

  • The esterel mountains- A tree, a sea and a mountain all three essential part of nature are perfectly blend in a canvas. A mountain in this work is a symbol of constancy, eternity, firmness and stillness and while on the other hand the water (the sea) is the symbol of enmity, infirmity and disturbance both the sea and the mountain are oxymoronic in the painting and the beautiful tree is the symbol of the absorbance, festivity in the connection of true identity and the energetic resonance.


 monet-esterel-antibes aviary_2015_06_03_22_23_20

  • Etretat the Porte d’avral- a cliff, a sky and a sea in a canvas gives the beautiful symbolism like sky being the symbol of consciousness/ masculinity and sea is the symbol of unconsciousness/ femininity and cliff where both earth meets sky and sea. The polarity of male and female, the masculinity and femininity of our psyche and other interpretation could be the more profound synonym to the critical situation of life when we take decisions.

Etretat-the-Porte-d'Aval IMG-20150603-WA0013

Meanwhile, I found 2 photos sent by a friend from Chennai ( A south-Indian state of incredible India!) of kalpakkam beach and It took me hours to correlate the beautifully captured images with the seascapes of CLAUDE MONET!


IMG_20150603_221907 IMG-20150603-WA0013


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