SCULPTURES DESIRE-PAIN-PASSION


I heard this line while travelling back to home and this line literally changed my perception to look at things and situations. I read about KAMASUTRA back in 2012, perhaps, out of curiosity and I re-read it and searched out the Kama sutra postures (KHAJURAHO HINDU TEMPLE ) out of the thirst for quest.

At first, I was smiling because I found it funny but when I started looking at the pictures of the KAMA SUTRA sculptures I realized that all these years I was so naïve, so immature who wasn’t able to understand and interpret the beauty of the most beautiful sculptures of DESIRE, PAIN, PASSION.

I have not seen any sculpture which describes the ecstasy, craving, dedication, devotion and the usual masculinity and feminine factor in sculptures and the sculptures of khajuraho temple are beautifully erotized with stone, vision and the hard work. Many of you might consider the sculptures as “sexually explicit subject” or “sex positions” and the inner deep thought of the makers are suppressed since ages.

We tend to choose things which we want to believe and ignore the another aspect of the very same coin. All these years, we have self-taught ourselves about Kama sutra and depiction of sexual postures through these sculptures but we have ignored the fact that these sculptures are thing of beauty and portraiture of human’s essential need to survive the forgiven life!


Another aspect of “sculpturism” I noticed inside my room. I was looking at the ceiling of my wall when I noticed the design at the corner of my ceiling. It’s a flower-based design which gives an impression of a mini sculpture. The flower based design is a symbol of love and positive ambient and that’s why the builder constructed this on the ceiling of my house. Which is usually ignored by people and by me too(it was ignored but not now!) and now  I can proudly say I have art on my ceiling! J


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