(In existence)




It all started with a little conversation on what’s app and it led to the decoding of the “Artistic essence” in life. I never knew that we at the age mat of “teenage” could really crack the code of life and the human existence.

My pessimist friend was crying about her existence in this KALI-YUGA(21st century). We all come and die, life is too short to do anything and obstacles are the fuel in the fire, we never know when we’ll leave this world, perhaps, where we could end up the next moment and bla bla bla.

At first, I was really confused because I didn’t get the context in which she started the whole conversation but later I realized the intensity of cynicism. I had no intention to make a remark on her perception because I believe in respecting the opinion but the problem occurred when she constantly sticked to her gloomy outlook.

We all know the concept of Life and death, the terminology of existence and bereavement but we really don’t understand the process of dying and the birth. I believe in reincarnation, no, not the reincarnation explained in our religious books but existence of this word in practicality. I believe we die and are born again and again.  It’s like the when we breath in, we are living up the “KALI-YUGA”(21st century).

we are enduring strength and potential engraved in our nature, in our existence, we sow the seed of enthusiasm in our lungs, in our mind and get determined for another second to live and when we breath out, we die and leave behind each every little thought we get so as to attain another thought for living. We die every second and we live another. The wheel of Breath in and Breath out has the Artisticessence which portrays the human existence.  Bad days will definitely knock you down but enjoyment will come like a momentarily collapse which will change the perception, we have been keeping inside our pretty little mind but it might come in installments after all eating too much sugar can cause diabetes. 😀

Let’s live and play under the blue sky,

Knit our dream with positive sunshine

Burn the negatives.

Let’s pledge to create a history

With every intake of oxygen,

Write a sonnet with every breath out.

Let’s all be the positive survivor and die with pomposity!


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