‘Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it’s very important that you do it’                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                          (Mahatma Gandhi)


It all started with this quote. Well, writing was never really my thing. I was the one flowing with the flow of water. It was like the one way traffic in my cerebration.  Art was merely an object meant to be Gazed. It wasn’t conceded inside my small pathetic brain. But something happened that caught my eyes and my thoughts. It wasn’t a movie or the book cover or the music… It was The ART that acquainted me with the beauty of the fine strokes of brushes, beautiful designs by oil pastels, soul of the painter, protruding images drawn by the artist.

For me, Suddenly Art became an accountability of a painter/artist and our appreciation, our judgment is his/her payback, the emerging product on a canvas is the reincarnation. Painter and his painting go hand in hand. His contrivance gives us the opportunity, a chance to comprehend that has been captured on a canvas.

An art is the result of the cause that happened or occurred in front of a painter in present/past or surrealistically. Art is designed to make us dig deeper to connect with our inner soul which perhaps helps in solving the karmic conundrums. When the image that has to be drawn is in the mind of a painter, it’s the autumn of an art, the surge of emotions of a painter helps in bringing a new life on a canvas at the dawn of sprint through colors and the fully drawn/ fully painted object is the beauty of all summer and the another work of a painter/artist is the beginning of a new start.

Everything in a painting are naturally captured moments which in other term is the resurrection, colors and contour is the seed of a newly resurrected life on a canvas.

Painting is the question encountered with an answer which reborn again and again and fulfill the quest of a painter. It’s been said that cause and effect of karma can be late in process unlike this, a painting or the artwork is the product of karma of an artist/painter and its beauty is the cause and effect which is personally experienced by an artist/painter. An art work could our greatest teacher which can allow us to learn something ecstatic.

Some of the beautiful painting that changed my flow of thoughts-

  • ARDHANARISHWAR- The  concept of existing male and female in every human body, synchronization of male and female energies inside our universe, humans and the inseparable form.
  • A Tamilian rural woman (By Illyaraja) – A very beautiful painting that describes the condition of rural tamilian area. A young woman married and buried under the household work but hopes in her eyes and quest of knowing the world.
  • The Green wave (by Claude Monet)- is one of my favorite because it reflects my past, the wavy thoughts in my existence.
  • Unity with nature (by Leonid Afremov)-  walking down the open area during day, under the mahogany  tree, calm and warm wind blowing away the depressing thoughts, shedding of leaves is the usual scene I encounter every day  during the long isolated walks is exactly the replica drawn in this painting. ‘The frozen moment’ on the canvas can define this painting.

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