The contemporary sisters


WOMAN- (N)-   the one who *WOOH/ Woe a man*.

Many of you might not agree with the definition I have provided in my article, many might call it as a feminist absurdity, well, dear male misogynist(S) or chauvinist(s), I speak the truth (without swearing on Holy –Bhagwad Gita, Bible or Quran), the burning truth based on the observation I made looking back at the century. I’ve been studying and researching about the word “Woman”, about the essence of woman  but looking at the pathetic condition of woman in ancient ages and till now made  me skipped the existentialism, quintessence of a woman!

Exploitation of women in the field of art-

How we ignore the emotions, the ecstasy of their thoughts, passion, desire, agitation their melancholy threnody of life! Perhaps, I might sound full of exaggeration or like the revelation of untruth embroidery but I cannot resist with the fact that we, the people of this “modernized culture”, fine art lovers (am not biased) have either knowingly or unknowingly discriminated with the realistic art. A painter brings the life into the paper through colors and contours. He/s is the divine one who intact the molecules through his/r brush, A painter is the humanly god who takes care of his subject. A painter has the power to depict his biography and one such fine example is none other than FRIDA KAHLO.

Frida Kahlo- Woman: stubborn, reluctant, rebellious and adamant towards the life. Despite of physical vulnerability she fought with bravery through art, depicting the divinity of pain she had in her life. Divinity of pain was so divine that she had to sanction the pain into the collage.  She found solace despite of impediment and one such fine work was:-

The Broken Column, which narrates her pain through paint, silhouette into the canvas. The visible nails on her body are the testimony of her anguish and tinge and the broken column is the proof of her physically vulnerability that she had since the age of 17!

The Flying Bed another masterpiece that speaks the language of pain- (mentally and physically). Pain of not being capable of giving birth and pelvis injury gave her the depressing thoughts which were later expressed through the painting which she drew while lying over the henry ford hospital.

Diego and I- A  painting which expatiate the wretchedness, dolor  she had because of her elderly husband, a  man who cheated on her constantly, a man  whose morals were into the hands of other women despite knowing the fact she loved him like with a hope! Even the Thoughts about Diego constantly over-ruled her mind and gave her the pinch of pain which can be seen through the stream of tears flowing out of the eyes.

Amrita Shergill- an Indian woman at the time of paradoxical era (Where woman weren’t appreciated into arts) developed a genre of Boldness and once such fine painting by her was The reclining nude– the naked lying woman, The professional mode, the naked group are some other examples that speaks from the side of the women, that brings out the new subject which was totally absurd at that time and that was none other than our much hyped gender WOMAN! A whole century is gone and these two woman painters are still so naive, that  they’re still struggling to get into the field of Art. The naivety is not what they deserve.  There’re were almost 0 woman renaissance painter that were appreciated because it was the time where they were still behind the curtains but these are the woman of 20th century which are deliberately pushed behind the curtains just because their paintings are obscene? Or perhaps, just because they were successful in depicting the pain and beauty  of woman  more closely than men?    


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