The French word IMRESSIONNISME lays the foundational bricks not only in the art world or in literary field but also has a fine stroke in human existence. The rhetorical essence of impressionism imprints the droplet effect in the human psychic. Impressionism is a lens into the zeitgeist: the state of society’s collective consciousness.

Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”.

  A famous and brainy quote by a renowned impressionist ‘EDGAR DEGAS’ not only describes the archaic language of Art/ Impressionism but subtly portray the human abstract. The great painters capture the ideas through the language of colors and contours, the great musician captures the ideas in the language of tones and beats , the great dancers captures the idea through bodily movement  and  a great mathematician captures the ideas through the language of equations just like a great writer captures ideas in the stings of words.

Art plays a distinctive role in building a perception. An art possess the ability to make a change in wind, in perception, in tradition, cultural harmony. Art can make surrealism into realism; art can depict the different shades of lie, truth and of human life.

An attempt to decode the archaic language of impressionism on our life, on our human existence –

  1. Claude Monet( Impression, Sunrise)-

 It gave rise to the impressionist movement back in 19th century because of its expeditious consistent reality and this how the major lift in human existence, despite the various hurdles and how it imprints its essence on the watery way of life.

  1. Paul Cezanne(Still life)-

Still life of apple and biscuit beautifully portray the dysfunctional subject and their azoic beauty likewise, the inoperative phase of human life and its after effect are its deadly beauty.

  1. Edgar Degas(The brothel)-

Beautifully captured the most intimate and disarmingly candid moments in private lives, this oil painting somehow describes the darkest fantasy of Human coin.

  1. Kartikeya Awasthi( The House)-

Painted in the year 2003, painter unknowingly gave the unfinished brush strokes, different shades of brush strokes gives the realistic view of seeing things in present world. It symbolically explains, No matter what the situation is, the gateways, the pathways of your homeland, house will always welcome you…Even if the routes to your homeland has been skipped from your treasury mind.



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