Slowly and steadily I grew up Moderately and bitterly I laid foundations of my future past, Reluctantly I accepted almight’s cast At different cuts of my life My existent soul for survival strived, With every drumroll of joys and sorrows Old moments and memories were like a bow and arrow As I stand by with […]

The sound of silence

Every day was spring to me, Sun shining brightly up in the blue sky, A Sky so high, challenging me to fly, Tulips and blue orchids were my muse And I wonder if I had any blues, Jumping and strolling I walked all the way, And never had any dismay , Morning was a bliss […]


Some men will rise from the ashes, Perhaps some will try to collide & indulge in clashes, It is possible, some will fester back into the soil, And in the end, no one would dare to foil. Some men will rise from the ashes, Some might not even endeavour, And some will be lost in […]

Food for thought; 2020

When it is 29 December 2020 , A grotesque year of all my other years, I decided to pen down and let be bygones be bygones. Knowledge was grasped, learnt, anger successfully managed to burn and happiness was enjoyed, fear was confronted and endured, joy was cherished and is kept in memories that will be […]


With each passing day I saw you condensing, With each passing day I saw you survive, With every moment I wonder how are you even alive? Dusk to dawn, you try to maintain your quiddity, Striving every hour to be you at your prominence,  Haven’t really made you realize that all these attempts to be […]

Zindagi ; 2 Pehlu

Zindagi mushkil Aur Asan dono hosakti hai, Lekin mere dost har Haar jeet mein Mat padhna, Zindagi mein tufan aana lazmi hai, Lekin hath pe hath dhar darke Mat baithna, Zindagi mein dhoop bhi hogi Aur chaov, Lekin Uske maze lena Mat bhulna, Zindagi choti bhi hosakti hai Aur badhi bhi, Lekin yeh soch mein […]

A philosophical visit

Italia, place that holds history and fashion simultaneously together. A place where history comes alive by just looking at that strada(s) and buildings and its duomo. A place that teaches birth after bereavement is truly a beautiful possible fantasy. A place where one comes to learn about art and also ends up learning the artistic […]

A good night wish

My love towards you is like the never ending wheel of time in the universe, I will die, I will perish away someday, But my love for you will be tuned on and on , in the memories and memoirs…. these feelings and emotions for you, The never ending urge to see you again and […]