Slowly and steadily I grew up Moderately and bitterly I laid foundations of my future past, Reluctantly I accepted almight’s cast At different cuts of my life My existent soul for survival strived, With every drumroll of joys and sorrows Old moments and memories were like a bow and arrow As I stand by with […]

Unsaid goodbye

So many things were left unsaid, The essence of you was now gone, I knew this time shall come forth, But never thought it will come so soon, The shiny nights of this sparkling moon, The crumbling spaces between the stars crawling towards us, The outcry of our emotions, Left me with no notion… Everyday, […]

Destructive outcry

 The last I saw us we were in a perplexed state, None of us had any idea about our forthcoming fate, Hours of spending time in isolation made me wait, I wonder if ye ever realized what I really wanted? Scratches of time and dilemmas never made ye daunted, Perhaps, for you I was lesser […]