Slowly and steadily I grew up Moderately and bitterly I laid foundations of my future past, Reluctantly I accepted almight’s cast At different cuts of my life My existent soul for survival strived, With every drumroll of joys and sorrows Old moments and memories were like a bow and arrow As I stand by with […]

43 days of Love

Perhaps, we all create boundaries at some point before the beginning of our adolescence, Boundaries that are so fenced that any act of trespassing can make us uncomfortable But at the end, somewhere deep down we wait for someone who’d cross over the boundaries and fill the gaps of our isolated slits.   ~Prachi Awasthi~ […]

An encounter

I walked and ran in to thy heaven, The melodious birds sang to me the music of your house, The beauty around me spoke the thousands of stories & words, Including our story which was kept unheard, Oh, I am wishing I don’t want to be leaving, The blue sky above me offered its gratitude, […]